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Maine Wreath Fundraising Programs

Are you looking for an easy and profitable fundraising opportunity for your group or organization? Here at Family Tradition Wreath Company we can help you.

Each year millions of people purchase and display a Maine Christmas Wreath for the holiday season. Why not give them an easy way to help your group raise some needed funds, and purchase their Christmas Wreath they would normally get anyway?

We have two different wreath fundraising programs, you can choose to do one of them or do both of them to increase your sales and profits.

Maine Christmas Wreath Fundraiser

Our Maine Christmas Wreath Fundraiser is more of a traditional fundraiser. We give you our special fundraising prices, your group then decides the price point you wish to sell at. We can provide you with a .pdf file you can use to print custom flyers and order sheets your group can use to help you sell. At the end of your fundraiser, calculate how many of each wreath you have sold and we will provide you with your total cost, you pay us and keep the rest as your profits. We will deliver your wreaths to one location and you are responsible for delivering them to your customers.

Online Maine Christmas Wreath Fundraiser

Our Online Christmas Wreath Fundraiser Program is a new, fun, simpler way to raise needed funds for your group. Our online fundraiser has quickly became our most popular fundraising option. Why? Because it is very easy, and requires minimal effort on you and your groups part. We provide your group with a unique URL, you then pass out that URL and tell people to order to help your group raise much needed funds. At the end of your fundraiser we cut you a check for your profits earned.

 Here are some key benefits to our Online Fundraising Program

  • Earn 15% on all sales. When someone places an order and uses your unique referral code, they save 5%. Calculating your profits are straight forward. 15% of the revenue generated goes directly to your group. 
  • Anyone Can Qualify. Whether you are a individual, small or large group it doesn't matter, as long as your trying to raise money for a worthy cause.
  • LOW Minimum. Most fundraising programs require a large minimum order to ensure it is cost effective for them to deliver the wreaths. With this program there's no need to worry. All you need to do is earn at least $20 in commissions to receive a payout, that is just 3 wreaths.
  • No Cut-Off Dates. Most companies have set cut off dates for fundraising orders. With our online fundraising program  as long as you give us enough time to process the order and ship it so it arrives before Christmas, you are good to go.
  • Sell Our Entire Product Line. Traditional fundraisers generally only allow you to sell a few different styles. With us , our entire product line is at your disposal.
  • You Never Have To Touch a Product. The less handling a fresh wreath has the better. We direct ship all orders to the doorstep of your supporter. Wreaths arrive individually wrapped and then boxed. This means that once your supporter places their order, your work is done.
  • No Keeping Track. There is no need to keep track of your groups orders, we keep track as orders made with your unique URL come in. We can even send you a weekly email to keep you update on your totals, or you can log into your account on site so see orders that have been made and how much money has been earned.
  • Custom Thank You Message. We can include a custom thank you message from your group with each wreath.
Please contact us with info regarding your fundraising needs at